A delightful walk via Pieve San Lorenzo and Pugliano

Walk length: 9km on easy tracks and lanes.
Date walked: 22 April 2017

This is a walk of three distinct characters and is best enjoyed in the anti-clockwise direction described here. The stretch between Casola in Lunigiana and Pieve San Lorenzo winds its way along an old unmetalled road past olive groves and vineyards with fabulous views of the Alpi Apuane. The second section follows the quiet lane up from Pieve San Lorenzo to the hilltop village of Pugliano, passing through the hamlets of Novella and Corubbio along the way. The route back to Casola winds down through the forest on good paths, passing some historic stones that mark the ancient boundary between the lands of the Grandduchy of Tuscany and the City State of Lucca.

Total distance: 9052 m
Total climbing: 423 m


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If arriving by car, there is a good car park at the Municipio, which is the start and end point for the walk shown.

Route description

From the car park, take the steps up to the road, turn right and follow the road a short distance to a zebra crossing. Take the steps on your left and follow the path across two courtyards and down another flight of steps to the main road. Turn left and, after 25m, left again onto a narrow lane marked with the usual red and white footpath indicators. At the end of the lane, continue to the right of the little church and continue without deviating. The lane climbs steadily uphill, eventually becoming a dirt track. A few metres along the track, ignore the turning on your left, which is where you will come down at the end of the walk. Instead, wind your way along the picturesque main track all the way to Bugliatico where you should take the right fork down to the part of Pieve San Lorenzo known as Vinacciara. At this point, you can interrupt the walk to explore Pieve and enjoy some refreshments.

From Vinacciara, follow the main road east to a junction and turn left signposted Novella, Antognano, Corubbio and Pugliano. As you come out of Novella, take the concrete path on your left, which turns into a good stone track and cuts out the hairpin in the main lane. Continue to another junction. If you want to explore Antognano, turn right and rejoin the walk using the main road. Otherwise, take the no through road into Corubbio and continue up the track to join the road up to Pugliano. This is a good place to stop for a well-earned drink. Turn left onto the main Aulla to Lucca road and, then, immediately left into the historic old borgo where a quick detour up to the old church is well worth the effort. Continue along the main little road and follow the track down into the forest (don’t miss the dog-leg to the right soon after the last house). At the shrine, turn left until you reach a crossroad in the paths that sits on the boundary between the ancient estates of Tuscany and Lucca. Continue ahead on the good forest track and take care not to miss the path back down to Casola.

The images below were taken along the way.

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