A short but beautiful stroll from Verrucola via Signano and Pognana

Fivizzano from Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta

Walk length: 3.2km on easy paths and lanes.
Date walked: 5 June 2017

This walk can be used as a short stroll in its own right or combined with our Fivizzano circular into a delightful figure of eight. There is an excellent osteria in Verrucola where lunch can be enjoyed. On the day we did this walk for the website, we were rewarded with fabulous hoopoe sightings.

Total distance: 3207 m
Total climbing: 139 m


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If arriving by car, Verrucola has a good car park on the right when arriving from Fivizzano, which is the start and end point for the walk shown.

Route description

From the car park, cross the road to enter the old borgo of Verrucola below its impressive castle. Cross the old bridge into the village and continue straight ahead. At the end, turn right and pass through the old village gate. A few metres past the gate, take the path on the left, signed Pognana and follow the cobbles down for a short distance before taking the first path on your right. The path descends gently to join a metalled road where you should turn right and then left at the junction to cross a modern bridge over the Torrente Mommio. At the end of the bridge, take the path on your right to climb slowly through light woodland, meadows and, finally, the fields and vineyards of Signano. When you reach the road, there is an opportunity to explore Signano by taking the path that continues opposite. For the main route, turn left onto the lane and follow it to the outskirts of Pognana where the road forks. Take the right fork to visit the beautiful Romanesque church, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. After returning to the fork in the road, take the left branch towards the centre of Pognana and, immediately under the church, take the track on your left bearing right through the olive grove until you reach a junction with several other paths. Take the second path on your left and follow it all the way back to Verrucola via the medieval bridge over the deep canyon of the Torrente Mommio.

The images below were taken along the way.

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