This is to be a long term series that will, hopefully, and, eventually, document all the wildflowers to be found in a typical Lunigianese olive grove by photographing and writing something about the amazing sequence of plants that bloom in the groves that surround our little home here near Fivizzano.

1. Smooth Golden Fleece & Tassel Hyacinth


2. Bee Orchid, Tongue Orchid, Lady Orchid, Man Orchid & Common Twayblade


3. Early Spider Orchid, Green-winged Orchid, Provence Orchid, Mediterranean Hartwort & Meadow Clary


4. Ground Pine, Bugle, Nice Milkwort, Italian Catchfly, Hyoseris, Kidney Vetch, Pale Flax, Crosswort & Salad Burnet


5. Crimson Clover, White Clover, Red Clover & Star of Bethlehem


6. Make hay while the sun shines…


New articles will be added frequently so do not forget to bookmark or visit often…